Media coverage

Dan contributes frequently to the regional, national, international and trade media both as a writer and broadcaster on energy matters. Below are a selection of recent appearances related to his energy work;

Recent appearances and articles;

Date Medium Type Subject
January 13th 2015 Share Radio 23 minute podcast interview Interview with Simon Rose of Share Radio on Oil prices, etc. (requires free registration with
Sept/Oct 2012 Feature Article The Future of Energy
September 2012 Energy Paper Britain’s Shale Gas Potential (Co-authored by Dan Lewis and Corin Taylor)
February 2012 Feature Article The UK space economy: the present and exciting future
February 2012 Feature Article Energy policy for a less affluent age
December 2011 Feature Article Ugly green giant – why the investment challenge implicit in OFGEM’s Green Transition scenario is out of sync with reality
November 2011 Derek Bateman interviews Dan Lewis on Newsweek Scotland On the UK’s energy situation
October 2011 Feature Article The £200 bn energy investment fantasy
July 2011 Feature Article The Coming Global Gas Superglut
20th Jan 2011 Article Report on FES seminar on Shale Gas see Hot air: Energy industry talks shale gas
5th Jan 2011 Tv Interview Dan explains the economic context of OPEC’s warning about higher oil prices damaging global recovery
8th Dec 2010 Tv Interview Dan explains the underlying strategy behind China’s vast renewables programme
21st Sept 2010 Tv Interview Dan urges caution on excitement over Cairn Energy’s find in Greenland, offshore drilling and environmental concerns
23rd Mar 2010 Attribution The United Kingdom’s Energy Security Debate Extensive reference made to SECURING OUR ENERGY FUTURE
Mar 2010 Feature PUT THAT LIGHT OUT ! (requires subscription) – on what’s wrong with energy policy and what to put right
26th Feb 2010 Radio interview Dan Lewis criticises the Carbon Reduction Commitment and the government’s timing in introducing it – directly afterwards, Energy Minister Joan Ruddock disagrees.
21st Feb 2010 Attribution Firms not ready for name-and-shame carbon table Dan Lewis criticises the bureaucratic, marginal, high-cost carbon reduction commitment.
February 2010 Attribution Securing Our Energy Future, launch paper of the EPC is cited in Canadian Nuclear Worker– a publication of the Canadian Nuclear Workers’ Council
Jan 2010 Feature Dan Lewis writes the Expert Commentary for Conservative Intelligence on Conservative Energy Policy for CI’s “Guide to the 2010 Tory Manifesto
15th Jan 2010 Feature How much microgeneration can networks take? Dan Lewis questions the wisdom of a surge in microgeneration for local electricity neworks
5th Jan 2010 TV Interview Dan Lewis talks on Al Jazeera English about the impact of cold weather on oil prices and their subsequent impact on the USD and the global economy
28th Dec 2010 Op-ed Dan Lewis writes for the Wall Street Journal – An Energy Policy Rethink is Required
November 2009 Feature Dan Lewis writes a feature for Utility Week, Captive audience, on CCS – based on the FES report, The Global State of Carbon Capture and Storage.
October 2009 Attribution Dan Lewis casts doubt in the Sunday Times that all the money will be found for green technology investment by 2020. In the Guardian, Dan Lewis sees long-term hope and scale in Solar power from the Sahara.
August 2009 Interview Dan Lewis explains green taxes, what they are, what they’re meant to do and how ineffective they often are on BBC 3 Counties Radio
July 2009 Feature Dan Lewis writes a feature for E&T magazine, journal of the Institution for Engineering and Technology on Carbon capture and storage based on the FES report – available here.
19th May 2009 Feature Dan Lewis writes on the issue of Solar Grid Parity for E&T magazine, journal of the Institution for Engineering and Technology.
12th May 2009 Op-ed Dan Lewis contributes to a feature in the Yorkshire Post on global oil supplies
16th February 2009 Feature Dan Lewis writes on the thorny technical issues of load-balancing wind for E&T magazine
16th December 2008 TV interview Dan Lewis is interviewed on Al-Jazeera TV News on OPEC and oil price behaviour