The Global State of Carbon Capture and Storage

ccscoverA one-stop report for all you need to know on CCS around the world. What is happening, what are the technologies, what are the problems, where are the opportunities?

Complete with tables, charts, and data, this launch paper will provide a timely and authoritative analysis of a technology that has generated plenty of publicity but not enough detail. As featured in the leading trade journal Utility Week and the much-respected  Engineering & Technology Magazine of the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Updated to August 2009

Your one stop guide to the current risks, opportunities, costs and future of carbon sequestration.

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Who should read this report?

Energy analysts, industry stakeholders, investors, policy makers, academics, current and potential customers and suppliers to this nascent industry.

What’s in the report?

Executive Summary
Carbon Capture
Political Drivers
Multilateral Problems
Carbon Capture Technology
Carbon Capture – UK
Carbon Capture – ex UK
Commercial Issues
The Way Ahead for CCS

Technical Diagrams:

Diagram 1: Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Process
Diagram 2: Advanced Supercritical Pulverised Coal Boiler/Steam Turbine Diagram 3: Oxyfuel Combustion Process (Used by Vattenfall at Schwarze Pumpe)


Table 1: UK Electricity Production between 1970-2007
Table 2: UK Coal and oil-fired plants due to close by 2016
Table 3: UK Nuclear power plants due to close by 2020
Table 4: US/Canada CO2 Emissions and Potential Storage Capacity
Table 5: The World’s Largest Coal Consumers
Table 6: Notable Failed CCS Projects
Table 7: Capital Cost Estimates of Generation Technologies


Box 1 (in Text): Carbon, Carbon Dioxide and Ton(ne)s – Basic Facts
Box 2 (pre Appendix 1): Ireland’s Decarbonisation Challenge


Appendix 1: UK Coal-Fired Plants over 500 MW
Appendix 2: UK Gas-Fired Plants over 500 MW
Appendix 3: 77 Proposed and Planned CCS Plants


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